J.J. Abrams is directing the 7th installment of the Star Wars saga. Huh? But alright could be neat. Carrie Fisher's on board too, okay. Mark Hamill tagging along? Awesome. Harrison Ford not wanting to be left out? Starting to sound like a hell of a party. But, John Williams landed the scoring gig again? Holy COW!! 2015 Can't get here fast enough! Now it's REALLY time to celebrate! Think he's bored with the franchise? Watch the man who scored all six previous movies talk about how excited he is to write the music for the latest:



In a past life I wanted to be a film composer and it was all because of this man. I finally saw him conduct his movie themes at SPAC a few years ago and alas, I never hit that dream of following in his footsteps but I'll be happy to live that dream vicariously again come 2015 when Star Wars 7 gets released. John is in his 80's now and looks quite healthy, so hopefully he'll score each upcoming movie for years to come. The day he doesn't will be a sad one indeed, although... He's inspired many other people who DID become composers. Just like J.J. directing this film instead of Lucas (probably an improvement) how cool would it be if someone eventually carried that torch who became a film composer BECAUSE of him! But until then... Rock on, John!


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