It may only be the first of September but work has already started on getting ready for the Christmas season at the Wild Animal Park in Chittenango.

Two big tractor-trailers arrived at the Wild, filled with lighted animal sculptures for the Wonderland of Lights, a new holiday tradition at the Wild Animal Park.

The Wild Wonderland of Lights holiday show will open on Thanksgiving night and run every Thursday through Sunday until the New Year.

Credit - The Wild Animal Park via Facebook

The Beast

The Wild Wonderland of Lights is just one of several new additions to the park this year. Take on the Beast, for an exciting new way to enjoy the Wild Drive-Thru Safari.

The guided tour takes you where cars can't, even through water.  Along the way, you'll learn about the animals at The Wild, as well as the history of thel Park, which actually began when owner Jeff Taylor bought his kids a few goats for their birthday. The next year, they got a camel. Today we all get to enjoy the exotic animals inside the Wild Animal Park and Drive-Thru Safari.

Credit - The Wild Animal Park

Giraffe Feeding Station

You can get even closer to the magnificent giraffes at the Wild than ever before at the new giraffe feeding station. It not only provides more room for the animals to roam but also gives you a chance to get up close. "We are always looking to improve for our animals and our guests," park owner Jeff Taylor said.

The original giraffe feeding station had steep stairs due to a lack of space, creating problems for anyone with a disability or in a wheelchair. "We decided to more than double the size of our giraffe yard for the animals, but we also opened the new feeding station that is fully accessible to all of our guests," said Taylor.

Credit - Wild Animal Park/Teri Van Wormer Felt

The Wild Animal Park is located at 7621 Lakeport Road in Chittenango. You can learn more about the park and get tickets at

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