I often catch myself watching History Channel more than anything else on TV. I'm starting to question how real certain shows like Pawn Stars are. 

I wrote a while back on how American Pickers couldn't be faked, so I kinda had some of those same feelings for Pawn Stars. However, I caught an old episode that made me question everything.

There was an episode where someone named "Ron" came into the shop to sell an old coke machine. The pawn shop ended up buying the machine then bringing it down to "Rick's Restoration". Only problem, Ron is really Ron (Rick's restoration brother). Funny right?

All over the internet there are many examples of the show being scripted and bringing in actors. Is the show fake? We can't confirm that.

Everything you see on TV is fake, its all set up what the offer will be and whether or not they will buy it, its all a show...Sure they buy stuff, but its all determined well before the show after the studio interviews the people who want to go on the show...the people walking around the shop in the show are just extras."

However, I'll confirm I'm still watching despite what's all over the internet. Doesn't really matter to me either way.


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