Police Departments are receiving complaints about an IRS Phone scam. Here's what's happening.

Concerned citizens have reached out to the Rome Police Department as they each received a threatening recorded phone call from a person claiming to be from the IRS.  A statement from Rome PD says:

...The calls are mostly a recording in which it is alleged that the person being called owes money to the IRS. They state that if a debt is not paid then the person will be arrested or face other penalties. These calls are a scam. The message gives a number for the person to call back. These calls do not originate from the IRS but may sound legitimate to some people. Anyone who receives a call or a message like this should hang up and not engage the caller in conversation...

Rome PD says do NOT call the number back. The phone numbers usually come from a computer-assisted auto-dialer and are fictitious and change often.

The IRS reminds us that they do not call and leave pre-recorded, urgent messages asking for a callback.

In this tactic, the victim is told if they do not call back, a warrant will be issued for their arrest. Other variations may include a threat of other law-enforcement agency intervention, deportation or revocation of licenses. Criminals are able to fake or “spoof” caller ID numbers to appear to be anywhere in the country, including from an IRS office. This prevents taxpayers from being able to verify the true call number. Fraudsters also have spoofed local sheriff’s offices, state Department of Motor Vehicles, federal agencies and others to convince taxpayers the call is legitimate.

You can find the official warning on the Rome Pd Facebook Page.

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