Are you man enough for Yogurt? Do you not want to be called a “Girly Man” for eating some Greek Yogurt at work? Those days are now over, introducing Powerful Yogurt. It's being branded as “The first yogurt in the U.S. designed for a man's health and nutrition needs”.

The Greek Yogurt market is typically dominated by female consumers. Where do men fit into this fold? They don't. Powerful Yogurt is specifically suited to address the health and nutrition needs of men.

Specifically designed by leading sports nutritionists, expert trainers and food scientists, our Greek yogurt - high-protein, all-natural, great tasting, in a man-sized package - was developed for the active lifestyle.This 8-ounce, high-quality, 0% fat premium yogurt will provide a delicious and convenient healthy snack or meal substitute to keep you going in the right direction and help you achieve fat loss, muscle gain, digestive health, and better fertility.

Powerful is more than a yogurt. It is a movement that aims to motivate, connect, and recognize those individuals on a quest for a fit body. Powerful represents a hunger for life. The type of hunger that comes from the joy and fulfillment of practicing an active lifestyle. Powerful is the voice of the Abs movement.

You can currently see their full selection of products by Clicking Here. You can order this yogurt in plain, apple cinnamon, banana, blueberry acai, mango, and of course strawberry. Currently they don't serve this in our area, but you can find current locations by Clicking Here.

Powerful Yogurt
Powerful Yogurt

Why should you choose Powerful Yogurt? It will help you improve your body and your health.

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