Are you feeling tired a lot? Is coffee not helping? Red Bull to expensive for your liking? Try to eat something and add a little dash of DoubleKick Caffeinated Hot Sauce. DoubleKick is the worlds first caffeinated hot sauce. Forget adding salsa to your tacos when you can add DoubleKick!

So what does DoubleKick Caffeinated Hot Sauce taste like and how is it made? Well DoubleKick combines Asian and Southwestern chili sauces, and then adds ginger and caffeine for that extra boost. It's thick and rich, spicy, sweet, and of course powerful and gentle. Also it's pretty cheap. You can score a bottle for only $10. You can buy other combinations as well by Clicking Here.

DoubleKick is suggesting you add their sauce to your favorite meats, egg dishes or pizza. They are also pushing for you to try a DoubleKick Bloody Mary. I'm guessing that may be an odd start to your day, but to each is their own I guess.

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