Take a look at these breathtaking waterspout videos from Lake Ontario in Oswego, NY!

They were captured on Tuesday, August 18, 2020, by John Kucko. He granted us permission to share some of the incredible videos he shot.

Screens shot of waterspout video captured by John Kucko Digital on Lake Ontario in Oswego, NY - Aug 18, 2020 (credit - John Kucko)

On his John Kucko Digital Facebook page, John says he saw five, possibly six of the waterspouts on Tuesday. This one was enormous, looking like a massive tornado ripping through the lake:


According to NationalGeographic.org, most water spouts aren't actually tornadoes. To my untrained eye, most of the several he saw on Tuesday seem to be fair-weather waterspouts. However, there are such things as tornadic waterspouts:

Tornadic waterspouts get their start as true tornadoes. Influenced by winds associated with severe thunderstorms, air rises and rotates on a vertical axis. Tornadic waterspouts are the most powerful and destructive type of waterspout.

But, in case you were wondering, fair-weather spouts are seldom dangerous, according to National Geographic.

Here is another smaller one John Kucko captured on Tuesday. This one is much smaller and harmless-looking, but beautiful:

So beautiful, and thank you John Kucko for sharing!


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