A state of emergency and a travel advisory was issued for the City of Oswego after a torrential downpour on Thursday.

The drone footage was taken from Oswego High School at the intersection of Utica St and Hillside Ave by students with *WBUC.

After the rain cleared out, the city was left with nothing but standing water as over 3 inches fell in less than 5 hours. NYup reports the New York state Mesonet, a statewide network of 126 automated weather stations, said Oswego received 3.33 inches of rain from 8 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. That was enough to make Oswego the rainiest place in the past 24 hours in the network.

Oswego had four times as much rain as Syracuse, which saw 0.83 inches of rain today, according to the National Weather Service official station at Hancock International Airport. NYup

Joe Falcetti, a photographer, tells us that this SUV drove around the barricade and then got trapped inside while the dangerous flood waters were rising. The Oswego Fire Dept had to come to rescue them.

*WBUC is a student-run TV program that offers kids 18 college credits from Cayuga Community College (Free of cost!) and a New York State Technical Endorsement on their diploma by successfully participating. Fantastic job!

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