Who doesn't love a good milkshake on a hot and sweaty Central New York summer day? Well, now a very popular destination for milkshakes will be adding a second location making it easier for even more people to enjoy one.

Remember where the old CiCi's Pizza was in Cicero? Well, that building will be getting new tenants and ones that offer up some really tasty sweet treats. Obviously, you already know that it is a milkshake place, but they offer up way more than that. Actually, they even offer up one of the best meals of the day, but all day long. That meal would be breakfast.

Do you love Modern Malt? You're about to start jumping up and down for joy then. That is the exact milkshake spot that is going to be expanding into Cicero. According to CNYCentral, there is not an exact set time that Modern Malt is setting to actually open the doors and start serving up their popular milkshakes. But instead, the business has decided to put signs up so a buzz can begin to be created. It sure seems there now is a buzz. So success to the owner!

If you are headed out toward Syracuse on the thruway, now you will definitely sometime in the near future have another option. In the Utica-Rome area, you sure can't go wrong this weekend when you check out one of these incredible ice cream spots. In fact, people in the area actually said they are the best.

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