If you have been down Erie Boulevard in Rome within the past ten years or so, you would marvel in the beautiful painting of Peter Gansevoort on a Rome building. That painting unfortunately will be gone soon.  

Roman Michael Miner posted the picture on the "People and Places of Rome New York" Facebook page letting fans know the painting will soon disappear.

The painting itself will be covered up. I know this will upset a lot of people. The issue is if you zoom in on the picture to the top right corner and the bottom foundation you will see the decay of the building. This is causing pieces of brick to fall from 40 feet in the air and can hurt someone very badly.

The building will soon receive much needed repairs, and with that, the painting will disappear. The painting was done by Jane Grace Taylor, and others. Her artwork is featured all across Central New York including Utica, Camden and Verona on Germany Road and 46 by the canal.

Many are commenting on the board about possible future paintings that could go in it's place once the building is fixed up. You can add your input here.



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