So many people over the 30 plus years have made this ever-popular New Hartford staple very successful. If you are one of them, get ready to jump for joy.

When it comes to finding fresh food or healthy choices for eating, there really is one place to think in the Utica-New Hartford area. That would be Peter's Cornucopia. For months on their Facebook page, we have seen pictures and posts about the new second location they are adding. It's been finished, and now is open.

The specialty store has finally turned the open sign on and is welcoming shoppers to their convenient Utica location. If you're driving down Oriskany Boulevard, stop on it. Monday was the first day open for the popular business and it is sure to be a hit. Whether you're looking to grab a delicious smoothie that just hits the spot like no other, or an acai bowl to give you a great boost of energy, Peter's Cornucopia has you covered

If you've shopped at the New Hartford Shopping Center location, you know that isn't all that Peter's Cornucopia is about. If you're looking to start up a new diet but are unsure where to begin Peter's Cornucopia. Maybe in the ever-changing world, we are now living in, you just want to keep your immune system strong? Do it in a healthy way at Peter's Cornucopia. Perhaps you are gluten-free and want to find great options within that diet, they have you covered there too.

Are you excited about Peter's Cornucopia opening a second location at 1707 Oriskany Boulevard West in Utica?

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