The palm trees are on the way and Palm Springs is back.

The popular miniature golf course on River Road in Marcy has a new boss--the same as the old boss. The original owner of the business, Brian Kney (included in the gallery of photos below), has reacquired the property, which had fallen into disarray. He's begun a labor of love to restore it and improve it with some brand new features. Some of the familiar features, like the waterfall and stream running through the course, will be back.

The remodeling at Palm Springs includes new carpeting, painting, landscaping, and repairs to the bricks, stairs and other woodwork. The course was re-opened as of Memorial Day weekend and the improvements will continue.

One big change is the addition of a Voss' satellite location. The famous eatery will soon be opening the snack bar onsite to serve food, beverages and ice cream.

The course's signature palm trees are expected to arrive from Florida in June.

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