We all know the old adage that Iceland is actually green and Greenland is full of ice, but Iceland is also full of something a bit more disturbing – INCEST!

With an overall population of roughly 300,000 people, accidental incest is a very real problem in Iceland and a country full of Flipper Babies doesn’t make for good yearbook photos at Reykjavik High (Go Cougars!).

Fortunately, a website exists to help Icelanders make sure they’re not banging a sister/cousin. Future fornicators place their  name – and the name of a potential mate – into the database to see if they’re in the clear to safely spawn or if the wrong balls have come up on the ol’ genetic Lotto.

An added bonus to the site is that visitors can see if they’re related to any Icelandic celebrities. So cross your fingers, and just maybe you’ll be Gunnar Stahl’s second cousin. Good work, Captain Duck.

[Via New York Daily News]