As the dust settles from my relocation to central New York, I find myself ever so slowly digging out from under a mountain of boxes and plastic tubs full of things that I probably should have just thrown away before deciding to move them across various state lines. As I am still in the process, I find myself leaving my door open for extended periods of time while I begin to move things from treasure to trash. My hubris is doing so was shaken when I had an uninvited visitor breach my home.

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I was about to settle down to grab some dinner and close the door when I saw a small brown spot rush into my home and quickly disappear behind a plastic tub in my walkway. After screaming a sound that only a dog could hear, I began the next entry in the eternal man versus mouse feud with an all-out battle of wits to determine who stays and who goes. Not unlike Kevin McCallister in Home Alone, I settled on the idea that this was my house and I had to defend it

Home Alone
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With great skill and precision, I grabbed a broom with the plan of sweeping this marauder out from behind the storage bin and performing a Happy Gilmore-esque slapshot out the door and then celebrate my magnificent goal with a victory meal. I readied the broom with one hand and moved the bin with the other. But there was no mouse. Somehow, in the time it took me to grab a broom, he had moved on and I hadn't seen it. Mouse: 1. Me: 0

Knowing mice tend to like to run along walls, I followed along into the three possible rooms where my furry occupier may have made his way and saw no sight of him. Then, out of the corner of my eye, I found him scurrying into my guest bedroom. It should be noted that the guest bedroom, when one is moving, is the dump room. Among all the boxes and tubs are numerous places for a tiny little fella to hide. And hide he did.

I consulted a friend who I knew had knowledge of catching mice humanely in the past. She suggested a grab a dowel, skewer and apple with it, rest it on a 15-gallon bucket, and then create a ramp for the pint-sized plunderer to ascend. Once he began eating the apple, it would roll, and he would be stuck in the bucket. I had none of these things, so substituting peanut butter for the apple, I created this -


Yeah, I know. But it was worth a shot. I heard some noises coming from the small closet in the room and realized where his hiding spot was. I put up a barrier and slowly removed the items from the closet until my temporary housemate was in the open with nowhere to go. I grabbed the trashcan from my makeshift trap and put it over him. I then slid a thin piece of cardboard underneath and walked carefully outside and very far away from my home, I let my very worthy adversary go to have further adventures.

Ultimately, I'd like to think we had a tie and both of us ended up better for it. But in reality, I think he outsmarted me a few more times than I'd really like to admit. There is joy in victory as well as appreciation for a good fight. The rest of my night was far more chill as I could turn my Spidey senses back off and just enjoy the evening. Now I will say, I am very welcome to suggestions on better ways I can handle this next time...and there will be a next time.

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