I guess you could say I lucked out in finding a place to live in the Utica area. At least that's what I was saying until I heard this idiotic noise.

Living in New York Mills so far has been a dream. It's great because my drive into work each morning and on the way home is only about 9 minutes. Can't exactly beat that! However I have heard Commercial Drive in Yorkville can be a little sketchy around the holiday season. That part doesn't really worry me too much, I am used to the rush hour traffic on the Northway in the Capital Region. Can't be any worse than that, can it?

My absolute favorite thing about New York Mills, or at least the part I live in is the silence. It's a quiet neighborhood but I am only 3 minutes from a Walmart. Win-win! I say silence is my favorite thing, then the fire department siren goes off.

I won't even dignify it actually, it's not a siren. It just goes BAAAAH..... BAAAAH..... BAAAAH. I only complain, because it took me nearly a month to figure out what on earth this sound was. I thought for sure someone had put a microphone up to a dying cow.

I'm used to something like an air raid siren, at least that was what they sounded like where I used to live. It's just weird, man! Whitesboro also has that god-awful siren as well. Is this a thing all towns in the area have?

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