It's frowned upon I know, but we all do it, late-night snacking. What's your snack of choice at night?

Sometimes it's hard to avoid. You're sitting there binge-watching something on one of the multiple streaming sites we have at our disposal, then you start thinking it's time for a snack. I mean, it's hard to binge-watch without munchin' on something, right?

You head to the kitchen and open all the cabinets, and refrigerator 12-times looking for something to devour. I'll admit, I usually snack on something while I'm looking for something to snack on. Fun fact, the snack I grab while I'm looking is fruit snacks. One advantage to having kids is there are always fruit snacks in the house, it's pretty glorious, as most parents know.

For me, I'm a potato chip, pretzel, and cracker type of snacker. Oh, and cookies, ice cream, and random slices of cheese. Then an extra piece of cheese for safe measure, just in case. Okay, maybe I have a problem...

There are some people who believe late-night eating will lead to weight gain. It makes sense, eat a bunch of crap at night and you're sure to gain weight, but technically it's a myth. There is no correlation between eating late and weight gain. Shocker, I know.

But, obviously eating chips, ice cream, and other fatty foods late at night won't work out for you in the long run, but it is fun, right?

What's your late-night snack of choice? We all have one, don't be shy now...

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