Some people say to always expect the unexpected. There is no way I could have ever imagined this would be the unexpected.

So yeah, being new to the area I was going on a nice little drive on Sunday to explore the area to see what it's all about. I went to Wegmans in Fayetteville and on my way back I saw the oddest possible thing I could imagine when I was headed back. Between the Rome and Utica exits on I-90 I saw a man not only on an ATV on the side of the westbound side, but a New York State Trooper had him pulled over.

It was so odd because how on earth could someone think that this was a wise idea. I'll paint the picture even more for you. Behind the trooper maybe a hundred feet was a white pickup truck. I can only imagine that this man had unloaded the ATV and was going to begin riding it in the fields alongside the thruway. But why would you not try to access the field from a different area? Not the area where people are driving in excess of 65 miles per hour.

I so wish I had actually been able to get a picture of this because it seems so unbelievable to even fathom this happened. If this was the first crazy thing I saw in CNY, I can't wait to be astonished by even more wild happenings.

And, just in case you were wondering what you can and can't do with your ATV, check out this article explaining it all from WIBX.

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