A husband and wife both bag their own buck on opening day of deer season.

Steven and Tiffany Kibler have been hunting together for the past 15 years. "We hunt on my father's property in Mount Morris, but never in the same spot together," said Tiffany, who likes to prove she can knock them dead, too.

The day deer season opened Tiffany said her husband went into the field first. "His stand is on the other side of the property and I was in no rush to get to mine. My Dad and I walked out together and I lost track of time while talking with my Gramps, so I ended up not going to the stand I originally planned to go to."

It all worked out for Tiffany who said shortly after getting settled in a new spot, a 9 point buck walked about 100 yards in front of her. "I Face Timed my husband to share the news and kind of to rub it in. He said he’d come help but he wasn’t going to leave until my grandfather left the woods because he didn’t want to mess up my Grandfather's hunt."

An hour later, Steven called Tiffany back. "I figured it was to say my Gramps was out of the woods, but nope, Steve had shot a 12 pointer. We were in disbelief."

Photo Credit - Tiffany Kibler

It was an opening day of deer season Steven and Tiffany won't soon forget. "We were just in the right place at the right time and we owe this one to my gramps," Tiffany said. "If I wouldn’t have lost track of time while chatting with him before I went out, I would’ve went to a different stand. And if Steve would have gotten down to help me right away, instead of waiting for my gramps, he wouldn’t have seen the 12 point."

Gramps got the credit and Tiffany's dad got to watch it happen. "He watched me shoot and saw my buck go down. Dad and my husband have a very special bond so my Dad was just extremely happy how it worked out for us."

Photo Credit - Tiffany Kibler

"It was an amazing day for sure," said Tiffany. "We can’t explain the excitement."

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