There is a place in the Hudson Valley where the likes of Marilyn Monroe, Jackie Gleason and John F. Kennedy's sister Rosemary Kennedy used to stay. It's also a place where the insane were once cared for.

Welcome to Beacon, New York where a portion of the former hospital will become a 15-room boutique hotel called the Tioronda. For now, let's explore the remaining property's tragically dark history of mental illness, suicide and hauntings,

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According to Times Union, the old sanatorium, later called the Craig House, was at the forefront of a new approach to mental health care. Because of this the place became a destination for people such as Jane Fonda’s mother (Frances Seymour) who stayed there until she committed suicide there in 1942., reports that many say the once abandoned location is now incredibly haunted. Here are some examples:

  • Doors slamming shut
  • Unexplainable shouts and screams
  • Accounts of a woman with long brown hair in an upstairs window of Tioranda, when nobody could be found there.

In addition to the hotel the transformation is to include a spa, treehouse rentals on the Hudson River, music studio, and conference center. Here are some pictures of what the Craig House looked like in 2017.

Hudson River Hospital for the Insane

Beacon, New York

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