We always get a real Christmas tree in the McShea household, and we always hope it will stay fresh through New Year's Day. If you have a real tree, we discovered some helpful tips to make that evergreen tree last longer.

Some of these ideas are common sense, but others are things you may not have thought of. According to acmehowto.com:

"An essential step to keeping a Christmas supple and fresh is to put it in water.

For the longest lifespan for a cut tree, you must ensure it gets water, just like cut flowers in a vase. To guarantee the tree can drink, you should cut 1/2" to 1" from the bottom of the trunk immediately before putting it into its tree stand.

A Christmas tree will drink more water during the first few days, so it is very important to check it 2-3 times a day and keep the reservoir filled with water. If the water level drops below the bottom of the trunk, it will begin to heal over and prevent it from taking up water. A tree may drink a gallon of water, or more, every day.

What Should I Add to the Christmas Tree Water?

There are many common practices of adding something to the water in a Christmas tree stand to help keep the tree alive longer. Water is all you need, nothing else.

More Ways to Keep a Christmas Tree Fresh

Warm temperatures will dry out a tree more quickly. Keep them away from heating vents and radiators and of course, fireplaces.

A Christmas tree will benefit from sunlight, so keeping it near a window can be helpful."

For more information, visit: acmehowto.com.