Are your kids a huge fan of the movie "Frozen"? Well if they love the movie, and like candied apples you're in luck. Here's how to combine the two together.


You'll need a few different ingredients to make this happen: Apples, Blue Jolly Ranchers, AmeriColor Soft Gel Paste in bright white, lollipop sticks, and silver edible glitter.



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I preheated the oven to 250 degrees. I put the Jolly Rancher candies (blue color only) in a pan that could go in the oven (make sure the handle on your pan is safe to bake in the oven). My candies never started to melt so after about 5 minutes I bumped the temperature up to 350 degrees. It took about 10 minutes before the candies really started to melt. I left them in there for another 5 minutes (15 minutes total) to get it at the perfect consistency. I opened the oven and checked them every five minutes just to make sure they weren’t being over cooked. I used a fork in between every five minutes of cooking the candies to test them. If the candy is hard to lift when you are testing it, you need to bake it longer. It should be the consistency of syrup.

Once your consistency is correct pull it from the oven and immediately add a couple drops of the bright white AmeriColor Soft Gel Paste until you get the desired color you want. If you decide not to add the white coloring the candy mix it will look almost like glass.

Next, add a couple shakes of the edible glitter (if you want the sparkle effect). Stir it immediately and dip your first apple. Be very careful not to touch the handle. I used a fork and the handle from the lollipop stick to dip the apple then I laid it on the glass plate I had previously sprayed with non cooking spray. If you find the candy is cooling and getting stiff, just put it back in the oven to heat it up again until you get the consistency you need. "

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Another Take

Here's another take on how to make these Jolly Rancher style apples: (This video has some suggestive language. It's a man cooking, hilarity insues) 





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