It never ceases to amaze me what some people do to get themselves into to trouble with the DEC.

Take these two guys in Stony Point when the ECO noticed two fishermen wearing waders standing in a small public pond. After observing them for a short time he approached the two young men and asked if he could see their fishing licenses the two men were happy to show the officers their licenses and pictures of the fish they had caught. As the officer was about to leave one of the gentlemen calmly told the ECO about a pretty cool snake coiled up not that far from where the officer was standing. The ECO carefully move closer to see what kind of snake it was and identified the snake as a Northern Copperhead one of New York three native venomous snake species.

Did you know it is illegal to fish with a cast net? That is what got this fisherman sideways with the ECO from Oneida County,  fishing by means other than angling. Oh, they also had 18 sunfish, 8 black Bass, the bass were all under the legal limit of 12 inches.

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