When you gotta go, you gotta go. There is no question on that. You try to find the nearest bathroom, and that bathroom happens to be in a restaurant. Most places won’t just let you in so you gotta do some quick thinking. How can you get in?


Many restaurants won't let you just use their bathroom if you're not a paying customer, so you need to do something to get past the host or hostess at the door.

Here are 10 ways from the The Smoking Jacket to get into a restaurant bathroom without having to pay for food:

  1. Claim to have eaten there earlier and possibly misplaced your pen in the bathroom.
  2. Say you are with the city and you need to do a quick bathroom inspection because they will be working on the pipes for the street later that week.
  3. Just run for it.
  4. Come in speaking a fake language and when they tell you "no," play stupid and mumble something.
  5. Threaten to pee on the floor in front of all their customers.
  6. Act insane so they are scared to say no.
  7. Say you are with a group already there, start walking towards them, wave to them and then beeline straight for the bathroom.
  8. Pretend you're blind.
  9. Pretend you're deaf.
  10. Ask for a table for one, get seated, look at the menu for 30 seconds, put it down, go to the bathroom and then leave.

Any other ideas or scams you have used?

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