Professional athletes make a lot of money.  That's an understatement.  They make a TON of money.  There's a calculator that puts it all in perspective.

I want to say first that I don't understand why people complain about athlete's salaries.  Yes, the amount of money they make is crazy.  Yes, there are a lot of other people out there that are making a difference in our world that probably deserve that kind of money.

Should police officers, and teachers, and social workers make more money?  Absolutely they should.

But we all make our choices.

Professional athletes made the choice (normally at a very early age) to go down this road and put everything on the line and go all out to make this money.  Many of them will not have a long career and will be paying for that choice (physically) all of their lives.  We chose to have other jobs.

So this calculator doesn't really make me angry like it will some people.  But it does put it all into perspective.

You choose the currency that you want.  Select an athlete, and enter your salary.  It will then calculate how long it takes that athlete to make your salary.

For instance, LeBron James makes a $60,000 salary every 4.06 points.  It's crazy.

Check it out by clicking here...

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