I have a feeling you probably can relate to this. Take the ham out of the equation, it more than likely happens in your house all the time.

Let me preface this by bragging about the incredible Italian Mixed subs I made for myself and my two roommates on Friday night. I went and bought a whole bunch of deli meat and all the fixings. I even found mortadella and was stoked for how tasty these sandwiches would turn out, and they did! I was smart and decided to be nice to the roommates and buy just a little extra ham and cheese. I also got the extra so I could have some ham and cheese sandwiches at work a few days this week.

Saturday, I was starting to feel just a little bit famished so I went to the fridge to make another sub for lunch. That is where I let ham ruin my Saturday. I go and pull out the deli meats and unzip the plastic bag to realize there were only 2 slices of ham left. I used 6 slices in total for the sandwiches the night before, and now out of half of a pound of black forest ham, there were only 2 slices left.

My one roommate walked in from mowing the lawn, and I didn't suspect him in the least. He said that he had a slice of ham, and a slice of a few other types of meat. He made a late-night sandwich. That doesn't explain the lack of ham though if he had only one extra slice. Big deal.

That clearly told me that it was the other roommate. When I questioned, denial and they blamed the other roommate. Oh, and they asked if they could use my lunch meat to make a sandwich at 5p on Saturday. This is how I let ham ruin my Saturday.

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