25% of the Utica Monopoly games are already sold! But, how did we get our own board game? Find out here.

The $50.00 Utica Monopoly Game can be pre-ordered at www.theabrahamhouse.org/uticamonopoly. 100 percent of the money will benefit the Abraham House who helps the terminally ill free of charge. At this rate, the board games will be sold out by the end of the month.

Jeana Nicotera, the Brand Consultant with the Cooley Group, called Gina Ciaccia, Executive Director of the Abraham House in late April with "the best idea she's ever had!" The concept was the creation of a custom 'City of Utica Monopoly Board' to develop as a pride piece for the city. Ciaccia said:

We both loved the idea coupled with a structure that would allow it to be a fundraiser for Abraham House...Abraham House, celebrating our 20th year serving those facing terminally illness in our community free of financial burden. Although we don't charge our guests and families, it costs money for our organization to continue running. We survive essentially due to the generosity of community financial donations and support for our fundraisers.

Hasbro and Parker Brothers only produce about seven custom game boards per year nationwide. They asked the ladies to submit a narrative of what makes Utica unique, historical, and deserving of such an honor.

Gail Manfredo heard about the project and immediately volunteered to help. Gina, Jeana, and Gail devised a plan of attack. In May, they started approaching local businesses and organizations that they envisioned being on the board itself. Ciaccia said:

It took only 3 and a half weeks to sell the properties as the Monopoly madness was contagious! All those involved paid for being involved in this project which covered the production costs for 5,000 boards, which Abraham House can now sell as a fundraiser.


Board Properties Include:

  • Adirondack Bank Center
  • Utica Comets
  • Bank of Utica
  • Adirondack Bank
  • First Source (also the money sponsor!)
  • Utica College
  • The Boilermaker
  • Children's Museum - sponsored by Kids Oneida
  • Utica Zoo - sponsored by the Sinnott Family
  • Munson-Williams Proctor Arts Institute
  • Stanley Theatre - sponsor to be disclosed at a later date
  • Matt Brewery / Saranac
  • Celtic Harp
  • Lukins
  • Delmonico's
  • Aqua Vino
  • Daniele at Valley View
  • Oscugnizzo
  • Casa Imports / Cora Products
  • Utica Coffee
  • Chanatrys
  • Parkway Drugs
  • Electric Company - renamed for Engler Electric
  • Luxury Tax - renamed Box Suite Fees sponsored by Fountainhead/Romano
  • Family
  • Income Tax - renamed for D'Archangelo
  • Water Works - renamed for Mohawk Valley Water Authority

Moving Pieces:

  • Tracks the Moose for Utica College - sponsored by Capraro Technologies Inc
  • Audi the Comets mascot
  • It's a Utica Thing food truck
  • Money Bag - sponsored by M Griffith
  • Dog - sponsored by Cooley Group for Stevens-Swan Humane Society
  • Library Book - sponsored by Martha and Richard Widdicombe for Utica Public Library


  • Historic Union Station - sponsored by Oneida County
  • Erie Canal - still seeking sponsorship
  • Memorial Parkway - still seeking sponsorship
  • Adirondack Scenic railroad - still seeking sponsorship


  • Community Chest - renamed for the Community Foundation
  • Chance - renamed Cliff's Notes for Cliff's Local Markets
  • All Community Foundation and Cliff's Notes cards were rewritten to be customized to Utica and feature several other local businesses, organizations, hot spots, local food favorites, etc.

*Photography for custom board cover and board game courtesy of Tim Carey

Presale took place at the Boilermaker Expo, and over 500 boards were sold in person over two days. You can purchase the game via there web site at www.theabrahamhouse.org/uticamonopoly.

Orders are being taken now for local pickup the second week of November. A shipping option is also available. If ordering online, click on the priority shipping charge at checkout to change to FREE local pickup.

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