What is wrong with people? Someone destroyed a teen's homemade Halloween display in central New York, causing over a thousand dollars in damage.

19-year-old Kyle Puleo has grown up working and running some of the biggest haunted houses in New York. He realized his passion for building Halloween props since he started his journey at age 11. Every year Kyle spends his own money and countless hours setting up a spooky scene on his front yard in Vernon for the community to enjoy. This year, unfortunately someone caused significant damage to about a $1000 worth of props.

Fencing around the yard was knocked down.

Photo Credit - Meagan Doty

Gargoyles at the end of the driveway were destroyed.

Photo Credit - Meagan Doty

"The display is amazing and such a treat for our little community," says neighbor Meagan Doty. "It's such a shame this young man had to experience this cruelty."

Puleo didn't let a little vandalism stop him for celebrating Halloween. He spent countless more hours setting the display back up. "We got everything back to somewhat normal. The only difference now is there are cameras all over the property," said Puleo.

The biggest surprise for Puleo wasn't the vandalism but the community support. ""I never thought I'd get the response I did from the community." Neighbors even offered to set up a fundraiser to recoup the cost but Puleo says that's not something he wanted. "I'll pull myself out. I don't really want money."

What Puleo does want is for the community to stop by the Pine Tree Ranch on Churton Road in Vernon to enjoy the display. "We're up and running. Lights are on."

The police are investigating, looking for any information on the vandalism that happened Saturday, October 5th.