Despite what the kids are saying, a riot did not break out in Brockport. Homecoming weekend did get a little out of control when police ordered the bars to close early over safety concerns.

About 1000 people flooded the streets but police Chief Daniel Varrenti tells TWCN, 'I want to make this clear. At no time was this a riot.'

The weekend did end with 28 arrests and talks of making Brockport a dry town

. According to TWCN, Varrenti says 'I don't want to see this become a dry village. I want to be able to see people come to Brockport and enjoy themselves but I won't at the cost of what happened Saturday night.'

In New York state, there are 9 dry towns and 33 are partially dry.






It could have been worse. It could have been like the riots at SUNY Cortland during the 'Cortaga Jug' game last year.

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