Looking to catch as many Pokemon as you can with PokemonGo? Well, if you need help with the driving portion, one gentleman in Herkimer County can drive you. 

Want to catch them all and be the very best? Well, one poster on Craigslist is looking to provide the perfect environment for you and your friends to build your collection. This gentleman has a clean driving record, has a car to take you throughout the area, and will drive you where ever you need.

Will drive you around for the duration of your time, as you focus on catching all the Pokémon you can, defeating any gyms, and collecting supplies from every Pokestop we encounter. Your safety and enjoyment are my main concerns. "

So how much does this service cost? $20 per hour. He is available Tuesday-Sunday (8am-12am). You can call for more information at (315)717-7210.

The only terms and conditions are that the first hour's pay is upfront and every hour after paid at end of trip. You must be 18+ (Adults only) to use this service.

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