While most bars have pool tables, if you you're looking for a place that lives eats and breathes billiards, it's always been Hippo's House of Billiards (well, since the 80's.) Come May however, the pool hall is rebranding itself as Utica Billiards on the Boulevard with a few new features to go with it!

Andrea, Hippo's most recent owner had a vision a couple of years back to turn the pool hall into a family-friendly environment with the hope of introducing new generations to the sport without some of the more adult trappings like smoking and the sale of alcohol. She's been holding family-friendly nights there for the last couple of years and now feels it's time to change the name to reflect her new vision. Last I checked, the old Hippo's didn't have a snooker table either and now they've added that and a 10 foot table to their sixteen other 7-foot and 9-foot tables. Other games like foosball, ping pong and arcade games still exist upstairs in the loft also.

Although I'm miss the occasional beer while shooting, playing the game has always been the point and because most of us don't have pool tables in our homes, Utica Billiards on the Boulevard may prove to be the ONLY way to keep pool alive in CNY. Head to Uticabilliards.com for more info.


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