First announced in 2017 by Governor Andrew Cuomo, the 750-mile collection of new and existing paths deemed the Empire Trail is now completed for hiking or biking from New York City to the Canadian Border and Albany to Buffalo.

According to the Democrat and Chronicle, state officials held a ribbon cutting ceremony near in Mohawk on Friday to mark the completion of the "final stretches" of the pathway.

About 400 miles of what is now known as the Empire State Trail had already existed in 30 disconnected segments long before Cuomo announced the plan. But since then, the state completed 58 separate projects totaling more than $200 million to connect the various paths and ensure hikers and bikers can traverse the whole state without disembarking.

While the trail its self existed prior, 180 miles of new, off-road trail was added. Signage and other improvements were added as well.

The three main branches of the Empire State Trail are the Erie Canalway Trail, which connects Buffalo to Albany; the Hudson Valley Greenway Trail to the south; and the Champlain Valley Trail to the north.

Empire State Trail
Empire State Trail

"There's no trail like it in the nation – 750 miles of multi-use trail literally from Manhattan to the Canadian border, from Buffalo to Albany," Cuomo said Thursday. "Not only does it provide an opportunity to experience the natural beauty and history of New York, but it also gives New Yorkers from every corner of the state a safe outlet for recreation as we continue to grapple with the COVID-19 pandemic."

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Officials from the state estimate about 8.6 million people will be using the trail each year. According to Cuomo's administration, it will be the longest state-run, multiuse trail in the nation.

Is one of your resolutions for 2021 being more active? We think hopping on the trail would be a great way to do just that.

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