Buried treasure in Rome? Sounds like the start of a Disney movie, but there are rumors of gold that was left behind from the Revolutionary war. Is there any truth behind those rumors, though?

Can you imagine digging in your backyard (maybe to start a garden or something), and finding an old box. After wedging the box open, you find it's filled with gold coins and bars. Pretty exciting, right?! Pretty unbelievable, too. But is it possible?

Well, there's two big rumors about hidden treasure in Rome. One has to do with Brevet General Barry St. Leger. It's believed that after he failed to take over what is now Fort Stanwix, he retreated and buried a small chest which included gold bars and coins. The chest is believed to be buried somewhere in a farm field in Rome.

The second rumor (which is also the more popular one), talks about the British fleeing the area of Fort Stanwix, trying to escape to Canada. They took a cannon with them that had gold stashed in it. As they were fleeing, they had to get rid of the cannon (maybe it was slowing them down), so they ditched it in a swamp off of what is now Old Route 69.

But is there any truth behind these two rumors? The history lines up that it could be possible, but the only way to know if it's true would be to find the chest with gold, or the cannon in the swamp.

Do you think it's possible? Do you think there could be some hidden treasures from Revolutionary war times, hidden in Rome?




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