The herd of buffalo was found about 10 miles away from their farm.

The rogue herd that broke out of Bison Island farm in Sharon Springs grazed from Schoharie County into Otsego County. Brian Grubb owner told the Times Union that it would be a slow trip back to the farm.

The 75 escapees broke through fencing on the farm after a bull became agitated a week ago. They are now en route home following a trail of apples.

Buffalo, technically bison, can weigh about  2500 pounds when full-grown, can run 35 mph and will charge through just about any fencing. Some scared residents were carrying shotguns for protection.

Jim Matheson, assistant director of the National Bison Association, in Westminster, Colo. tells the Times Union:

There are about 1,775 bison farms in the U.S. according to federal figures. And there are an estimated 400,000 of the animals in the U.S. and Canada.  They are raised for meat, like cattle, although they don’t marble-like beef cattle. With lots of minerals and nutrients as well as lower cholesterol levels, they are considered a healthy beef alternative.

We hope they make it home safely.

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