UPDATE 12:30: Kristi Francis tells The Eagle A meeting is being held at 4:30 pm tonight (4/2/18) at Tops Market in Sherrill on Route 5 for all interested in helping to capture the horse and pony on the loose in Sherrill.

Two horses are on the loose in Sherrell, the owner is now seeking help to recover them.

Kristi Francis of Oneida was helping a family from Richfield Springs care for 3 of their horses when 2 of them made a run for it.

Kristi Frances saw on Facebook that a family could no longer care for their three horses, so she stepped up to the plate and offered to take them in. During the process of moving them to her sister's farm in Sherrill, 2 of the three horses made a run for it, and the horse and pony show is still underway.

The horses can be spotted along a wooded area off of Sholtz Rd but are very scared, and no one can get close to them.

Francis tells WKTV that she's looking for experienced horse handlers. The pony is guarded by the giant horse named Nutmeg.  "If we can get a group of people together to kind of go in on all sides to get her (Nutmeg) into the round pen that we’re going to put up, then we'll be able to catch her safely."

Francis told WKTV the plan is to put up a huge round pen made of 41 sections of fencing as soon as she can get enough volunteers to help not only with the corralling of the animals but to help put the fencing up, "It’s a portable corral, that’s what it is. I’ve had someone that has donated that to me. And we’re going to put food and stuff in there, some salt blocks." She's hoping once the two horses are in the corral they can be taken to their new home.

If you would like to help in corralling the horse and pony in the next 24 to 48 hours you can contact the new owner, Kristi Francis, at (315) 813-8539.

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