The fall is here and much of New York State is already feeling the cooler temperatures. In fact, there are some places in the northern part of New York State that have already sipped in to the 30 degree range! Now is the time to think about the costs to heat your home and Governor Hochul has some advice for you if you own a home.

Call it what you want to, but prices are insane right now for everything and with the recent news that the interest rates are rising again, things are only going to get worse. No matter if you heat with propane, electric or gas, the price will be ridiculous this season.

Governor Hochul says residents who are worried about paying their bills can apply for money from the Home Energy Assistance Program. The governor has also directed state agencies to convene fuel providers to make sure they have enough of a supply available to last through the coldest months.

"Just like the heat waves experienced earlier this summer, New Yorkers should be fully prepared this winter for rising global energy costs as temperatures drop and it takes more energy to heat their homes," Governor Hochul said.

Even though we are getting ready for colder air moving in, I can't see turning on the furnace until around Halloween! For families with newborns and elderly, that may not be an option. It may be time to try make sure your house is as efficient as possible. Call a reputable HVAC company and get things tuned and make sure your windows and insulation are up to par.

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