With everything going on in the world, it's always heartwarming to hear about people doing something nice. This feel good story comes straight out of Utica.

Diana Mazloom is a cashier at the North Utica Price Chopper. She says she recently got to witness one of the "sweetest things" she's ever seen.

Diana says a young man came up to her register with a single item - a beautiful arrangement from the floral department. She says the young man accidentally cut the line while hurrying to pay.

When Diana pointed out his mistake, the young man says "I'm sorry, but, I didn't realize I accidentally skipped all those people in line." He takes $10 out of wallet and hands it to Diana. "Do me a favor and give this to the woman in line behind me to make up for it because I feel bad for what I've done."

Of course, the next person in line is pleasantly surprised, and is so moved by the gesture, she takes $5 and asks Diana to pass it to the woman behind her, who was shopping with a child. Diana says "She tells me to take $5 of it and give it to the woman behind her to give to her son to put in his piggy bank."

Diana says it was a simple gesture, but it brought "some much-needed joy to a couple of strangers" and herself. "It brightened my whole night." A

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