Get ready to experience the first ever heart stopping Haunt in The Underworld of Howe Caverns this Halloween.

Howe Caverns was discovered in 1842 by Lester Howe who started giving tours so everyone could witness its true beauty. But Lester always said the cave was much more than just a cave. He said it was alive with its own heartbeat; a world full of life, but also a world full of death.

Lester formed a group called “The Keepers of the Cave”, who’s only job was to keep what dwells 16 stories underground from mixing with mankind. Now you are able to enter this hidden world of creatures, of monsters, of demons, of torture and death. However, you must obey the “Keepers of the Cave” in order to return to the surface, hopefully unscathed.

The Underworld at Howe Caverns runs every Friday, Saturday and Sunday night, beginning the last weekend of September and includes every weekend in October except Halloween night.

If you're looking for a monster job, Howe Caverns is conducting interviews and auditions for several openings in The Underworld.

Makeup Artists
Costume Designers
Set Designers
Parking Lot Attendants
Non/minimal speaking character positions

No acting experience is necessary, although it is preferred. High energy and enthusiasm is a must.

This is not any ordinary haunt. "We are striving for top notch actors to help bring our scenes and skits to life."

If you're interested, call Bill or April at 518-296-8900 or email You can also apply online at

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