J Brazill, a musician in the Syracuse, wrote a beautiful song to pay tribute to Baby Maddox, who was allegedly killed by her father. 

A Go Fund Me page has been set up to help cover funeral costs for Baby Maddox. It's also being used as a way to send condolences to the family. As the community continues to struggle with questions of how this can happen and why, some are doing what they can to start the healing process. A Syracuse musician, J Brazill, used his gift of music to write and perform this beautiful song in honor of Baby Maddox.

We asked J how the process got started for Maddy Smiles. He said "It really hit me hard, this unimaginable tragedy. I couldn't get the image of that beautiful smiling little girl out of my head. I'm a songwriter, and, as part of my grieving process I wrote this little song to her. I felt like I needed to, as part of my own healing process, and to pay tribute to that little girl, little Maddox. It came entirely from a place of love, my thoughts of her and her family, as well as the community in general. Everyone was so sad and angry and tired.. it really affected everyone. So I shared it. I found comfort in writing the song, and I shared it with the hope that maybe someone else might find some comfort in it as well."

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