It's at that weird point of the year where it getting hot during the day, cooler at night and you might be considering pulling out the air conditioners or switch on that central air unit, but is it too early?

I know some people are very strict when it comes to the heating and cooling of their home, and refuse to turn on either until a certain date. Those people usually know when someone touched the thermostat by the 0.7-degree change in air temperature.  I admire the discipline they have because I one hundred percent lack that discipline.

Ten times out of ten I choose comfort. If it's hot, we change that and vice versa. This week, I was presented with a very warm house for a few days. Totally normal, but you start thinking maybe it's time to bust out the old air conditioner and cool off a bit. We've had the windows open and fans going at night to keep cool, which was working until early this week when everybody was tossing and turning during the night.

So, I caved and turned on the air conditioning. I tried to wait but I couldn't do it. I feel like this is very early for me to turn it on for sure. When is the earliest you've turned the air conditioning on in your house? Is there an unwritten rule specifying a certain date range?

All this talk got me thinking, what the best-rated air conditioners on the market were. So I went where any logically thinking person would, Amazon.

Highest Rated Air Conditioners on Amazon

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