The card game UNO has been around for many years.  I recall playing as a kid and I still play with my own kids now.  But have we been playing wrong?

Well, I wouldn't say we've been playing it wrong, necessarily, maybe, somehow, over the years, the directions get somewhat jumbled, or we have instituted what we call "house rules", just like the game Monopoly.

Numerous times I've been told by my kids "You're doing it wrong, Dad!"  "Well this is how we did it when I was a kid", would be my normal reply.

According to, over 100 million decks of UNO cards have been sold since the game was invented in 1971.  The directions are bound to get mixed up over that amount of time.  Take a look at the directions posted at this website.  See if you have indeed been playing it wrong, or maybe you've been right the whole time.

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