There's a place not far from central New York where you can have lunch or even spend a night in a teepee with wolves.

See 24 animals located in 12 various enclosures spread throughout the 64 acres at The Wolf Mountain Nature Center in Smyrna, New York. Enjoy a tour of the nature center and view wolves, arctic foxes and eastern coyotes in their outdoor, scenic habitats.

While New York State regulations prohibit visitors from having physical contact with the animals, you can view the animals from a distance of only 4 feet away. Take lots of photos, have lunch in the picnic area, visit Native American Indian tipis and shop for "wolf" gifts in the gift shop cabin.

Admission is $8. Children 5 and under are free. Additional donation are appreciated since the Nature Center is a non-profit organization that receives no state funding. "It costs a small fortune to feed, house, care for the animals here and to continue our growth with new projects."

The Mountain Wolf Nature Center is open Sundays from noon to 4pm until November 22nd. But you can enjoy ​Winter with the Wolves on Sunday, December 13th from 11 am to 3 pm.

Make plans to spend a night with the wolves in 2021. Enjoy a guided hike before helping caretakers feed the wolves. Sit down for your own dinner and then relax under the stars, around the campfire before turning in for the night in your tent or teepee. Camping with the wolves is available July 10-11, July 24-25 and August 7-8.

The Wolf Mountain Nature Center is located at 562 Hopkins Crandall Road in Smyrna, New York. Get more details at

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