When you're driving home and you would hope to have a nice stress-free ride, an intersection in Whitesboro just decides to throw a massive wrench in your plans.

This intersection is just god-awful. You could sit on any of the four sides of it in the afternoon and just get so enraged. The light is always red if you are sitting on Clinton Street on Oriskany Boulevard in Whitesboro, and that is only one of the parts that helps make this intersection so infuriating. The other aspect is how long the line of traffic gets as you approach Route 69.

It does seem that traffic doesn't seem to be all too unbearable in the AM hours though, some relief I suppose. But in the afternoon it's a nightmare. Once you do say bang a left-hand turn onto Route 69 from Clinton toward Utica, you still aren't out of the water. Then you run into people who are turning into shopping plazas as you nearly rear-end their car.

The worst thing I encountered was someone on a mountain bike, we will refer to them as idiot. They decided to just ride right in the center of the road making it absolutely impossible to pass. I almost was victim to a crash due to that and nearly saw other people follow suit and almost get into an accident.

I would just like to say, this intersection needs to be fixed. Maybe more lanes on Clinton? Maybe a traffic light that turns green more often? Come on Whitesboro!

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