Harlan Ellison call's Disney's "Saving Mr. Banks" a fraud. Watch his opinion/rant here:

Warning, the video has some NSFW language inside:

If you don't want to watch the complete ten minute rant, let me shorten it up for you courtesy of Raw Story:

“This film is a refurbishing of Walt Disney’s godlike image, which he spent his entire life creating. and it is so f*cking manipulative,” Ellison says. “There is a scene near the end that is pivotal to this movie…the movie could not exist without this scene. Never happened. Bogus. Made up. The Walt Disney company made up the scene…It’s bullsh*t. The movie is bullsh*t from one end to the other.”

He’s talking about the basic premise, that after 20 years of asking, Walt Disney not only convinced P.L. Travers to sign over the rights to her creation, Mary Poppins, but that she was happy with the result after the 1964 film debuted. Travers, an actress and writer who had been born in Australia under the name Helen Lyndon Goff, published four books about the magical nanny, the first in 1933.

“P.L. Travers…went to her grave despising the movie Mary Poppins. P.L. Travers, who created and tried to protect Mary Poppins from Walt Disney, has now been reviled by this movie to the extent that halfway through you’re going to say, what a distasteful woman,” Ellison says. “No one else may tell you this”"

So interesting, do you think his rant is right? Do you think the movie was a tad bit made up?


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