Hocus Pocus (YouTube via Legion Mixes)

Halloween is full of spooky things.  From costumes to movies, it's a pretty dark holiday.  But if you don't like to be scared, there's still ways to love it.

If you love the idea of Halloween, but have always shied away from it because you hate the feeling of being scared, this list is for you.

Vulture.com put the list together of what they call 15 movies for "scaredy-cats"

1.  "Addams Family Values", 1993

2.  "Edward Scissorhands", 1990

3.  "The Rocky Horror Picture Show", 1975

4.  "Labyrinth", 1986

5.  "Ghostbusters", 1984

6.  "Beetlejuice", 1988

7.  "Scooby-Doo", 2002

8.  "Jennifer's Body", 2009

9.  "The Craft", 1996

10.  "Clue", 1985

11.  "Death Becomes Her", 1992

12.  "Hocus Pocus", 1993   (FYI, it was just announced that a sequel is in the works for Disney+, and they hope to bring back the original cast.)

13.  "Casper", 1995

14.  "The Nightmare Before Christmas", 1993

15.  "Buffy the Vampire Slayer", 1992

Those aren't ranked in any order, I mean, we all know that "Hocus Pocus" would be at the top if that was the case, right?

I've never considered "Labyrinth" a Halloween movie, but I guess it would fit.  My big question is, how did "It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown" NOT make it??


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