Horror movie fans anxious to see the next chapter in the Halloween saga may not have that much longer to wait. An unconfirmed rumor from Monday (July 8) seems to anticipate not just one sequel to follow 2018's retconning Halloween installment, but two back-to-back sequels from that film's director — David Gordon Green — to be released in theaters in October 2020. Talk about a double dose of terror.

Will the two rumored sequels further explore "the night HE came home"? A few weeks ago, ScreenCrush reported last year's Halloween would see a probable sequel after producer Jason Blum posted a photo with the film's star, Jamie Lee Curtis, who portrays famed protagonist Laurie Strode in the series. The Blumhouse Productions head said the two were "discussing stuff." This month, it appears those discussions may doubly come to fruition.

Bloody Disgusting's Brad Miska cited an "extremely reliable insider" who furnished "bonkers news late Sunday evening that I haven't been able to verify" in reporting the rumored pair of sequels.

"From what I’m told, not only will they be filming two sequels back-to-back, but they are discussing releasing both in the same month," Miska wrote Monday (July 8). "Yes, it’s within the realm of possibility that we’ll see two Halloween films released in October 2020."

Apparently, 2018's Halloween — a direct sequel to the 1978 original which effaced any intervening sequels' mythology — was at one time planned to be two separate movies produced sequentially, if not a trilogy shot in successive order. Those plans were seemingly discarded after the movie's ending needed reworking.

According to Consequence of Sound, shooting for the new back-to-back films reportedly begins after this upcoming Labor Day, Sept. 2, with executive producer (and Halloween creator) John Carpenter returning to the fold alongside Curtis and the rest of the Blumhouse team.

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