Here's a new custom that’s spreading across CNY: “Booing” your friends and neighbors for Halloween.

This is the Halloween version of the May basket—neighbors leave one another anonymous goody bags in celebration of the holiday. The receivers then secretly Boo other neighbors (but not the houses with the ghost on the door—they have already been hit).

These are the flyers that my friends Mark and Anna Casadei are using in Rome.

Mark-Anna Casadei
Mark-Anna Casadei

The flyer says it all. Once you get 'Booed' you pass it on. Make a few copies of the flyer and drop off the Halloween baskets with treats to a couple of neighbors. Then make sure you put this sign on your door, so you don't get booed again (unless you want too).

Mark-Anna Casadei
Mark-Anna Casadei

Hallmark suggests you get creative with a poem. Pick up some spooky paper and use your most frightening handwriting - in heavy black ink, of course! Here are some that they supply on their site.

Here’s a Halloween wish
that’s just for you,
with a special HI!
and a great big BOO!

Nothing strange,
nothing scary,
just a friendly Boo—
with a wish
for lots and lots of fun
in everything you do!

Hope Halloween night
is fun for you
from your first trick-or-treat
to your very last “Boo!”

Just a friendly little Boo…
from “bet you never guess who!”

I have just one thing to say to you
on Halloween…BOO!

To play sneak-a-boo just pick out a house and sneak up close. Hang the treats on the doorknob, ring the bell, and then run! Once they get your poem and yummy food, they’ll know for sure that they’ve been Boo’d!

Happy Halloween!
Now, go 'Boo' the neighborhood!

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