Utica's hometown hot dog, made fresh in downtown Utica by Smith Packing, is the Honest John's Hot Dog it's now back on the menu at one of the area's most famous eateries.

You guessed it! Voss' Bar-B-Q has put the Utica frankfurter back on its menu at their main location on Oriskany Boulevard in Yorkville, as well as at its other locations. The legendary roadside drive-in has attracted long lines for more than 80 years since opening in 1938, and is still owned and operated by the Voss family. While in the early years, Voss' only served ice cream - it didn't take long for hot dogs, burgers, mexican hots and bar-b-q to grab the spotlight.

Credit: Jeff Monaski/TSM
Credit: Jeff Monaski/TSM

Meanwhile, The Honest John's hot dog or frankfurter has its own treasured history to tout. Smith Packing Owner Eric Smith says the brand has been around for years and it's still made with only the finest ingredients and continues to be made out of their facility in downtown Utica.


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