Everyone's favorite miserable cat is finally getting her own movie. No, not Garfield. There have been two Garfield movies already. Where have you been? But it has been announced that Tard herself, aka Grumpy Cat, is the inspiration for a 'Garfield'-like live-action movie.

On the bright side, Tard will have a "speaking role" in the movie. On the downside, Bill Murray has already voiced one animated cat, and we're pretty sure he won't do it again. Details of the plot are unclear, but the people who are making it seem to think Grumpy Cat memes are hilarious, so maybe it will just be a cat complaining about Reddit for 96 minutes.

Producers are saying it will be a "big family comedy;" we can only hope it won't be more terrible than 'Garfield,' although we're pretty sure Tardar Sauce is going to hate it either way. Right??? Cause she hates everything?? Sigh...that's going to be one long movie.

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