On the heels of the Boilermaker the last three years several hundred people have arrived and departed on turf that is normally only reserved for arrivals and departures of a different sort. It's called the Sunset Runway 5k and yes, you get to run on the actual runways at Greater Binghamton Airport.

The reason for the race is to raise awareness for the airport, although jokingly I'm pretty sure that most people are aware of an airport in their midst. =) So, my guess is that for most runners it's really about the one-of-a-kind experience of running where they normally can't and catching some spectacular sunset views as there are few sky-blocking obstructions on airport properties.

Screenshot: KJ
Screenshot: KJ

That got me thinking... We've got a two-mile runway at Griffiss, so using a combination of taxiways and the runway itself (see above) that's your 3.1 miles! Now, for this sort of an event to take place, there are quite a few bereaucratic ducks to line up but if our friends in Binghamton can pull it off, I'll bet Romans wouldn't mind taking up the mantle. Maybe a sunset flyover could be in the cards too! Oh, and just like the Binghamton race, beer and music would of course be awaiting you after your 20 minutes of running. Who's with me?

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