Graham Nash believes Donald Trump's campaign for the presidency reflects a troubling global political climate — and he's terrified Trump might win.

"I still believe that the sensibilities that the hippies grew up with are still the correct ones," said Nash in a taped interview segment with Face Culture (which you can watch above). "I think that love is better than hate; I believe that peace is better than war. I believe that we should take care of each other's beings, 'cause we're all we've got on this planet. I think the things the hippies stood for — and I'm still a hippie, and I'll admit it — are still true to this day."

As a dual citizen of the U.K. and U.S. — and a working musician whose touring schedule sends him to other countries on a regular basis — Nash comes into contact with people from a variety of nationalities and backgrounds, and at the moment, what he's seeing gives him cause for concern.

"I have been around the world three times in the last two years," Nash continued. "And I have seen, constantly, the rise of the right wing. And Donald Trump, particularly in America. I don't want to give him a compliment, but he's brilliant at finding people's fear and amplifying it. He's brilliant at giving people a common enemy: 'They're a different color than you; you should hate them. They're a different religion than you; you should hate them.' Donald Trump is a very dangerous man."

The 2016 presidential campaign won't really ramp up until after the party conventions later this month, but Nash is already thinking about the potential outcome of the election in November. Despite what he views as a series of disqualifying statements from Trump, Nash knows there's a chance he could emerge victorious.

"There's a part of me that does think he might win," admitted Nash. "That's terrifying. I mean, of all the things he's spoken about — Mexican rapists, building a wall, banning all Muslims — all the things he's saying, you'd think he'd be gone."

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